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29 Mar 2010 concerns, the upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update, version 3.21, its current firmware version for OtherOS use, as well as PS2 games.

28/07/2010 · The latest update is 3.41, and was released on July 28th, 2010. It is a forced update and PlayStation Network features are disabled if you do not update. … Playstation 3 Firmware - Freeware - EN - … This new version of the Playstation 3 system software adds a lot of new and improved features to the Playstation 3 Entertainment System. Copy the Playstation 3 Firmware onto your USB-Stick to a folder called PS3\UPDATE. This is so that your console can read the file. Make sure you don't turn your Playstation off while the update is running, as there could be irrepairable damages. If your Download PlayStation 3 Firmware 4.76 PUP [Official] Tagged With: Download Firmware 4.76 Update PUP for PlayStation 3, Firmware 4.76 Update for Sony PS3 (Direct Links), Sony, Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware Updates Search Firmware Updates

1 Apr 2020 The older ones are alive and kicking, as PS3's latest update has the update notes simply read “this system software update improves the  28 Aug 2019 PS3 System Software Update 4.85 was released today 28th August 2019. Category. Gaming. Show more. Show less. Comments are turned off. 28 Aug 2019 4.85 is live don't update. BE PATIENT! HEN may take a while!! but CEX people will have a short wait and dex 4.82 & up users are NOT  The current version of the software, 4.75, was made available on June 1, 2015. Details of updates  19 Jun 2013 Sony's gaming division pulled its latest firmware update for the PlayStation 3 Wednesday, after widespread reports that installing it could render 

21 Jun 2016 Sony killed Linux on the PlayStation 3, and now it has to pay the price with the introduction of the newer PS3 Slim model and firmware version 3.21. be able to run software or play videos that required the latest firmware. 11 Jan 2016 About this download. This program will update Remote Play with PlayStation 3 to version and will have the following: - Support  21 Jun 2013 "A new PS3 system software update is planned to be released on June 27 Sony released the download worldwide last night and reports of  31 Mar 2010 Sony announced that when the next PS3 firmware upgrade comes to check the firmware version and fail if they don't find the latest version. 29 Mar 2010 concerns, the upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update, version 3.21, its current firmware version for OtherOS use, as well as PS2 games. 19 Jun 2013 A percentage of PlayStation 3 users are reporting that firmware update Last of Us, a game no one wants to be locked out of partway through.

21/03/2013 · Sony's PlayStation 3 console has just received a new firmware update. Version 4.40 is now available for download from Softpedia's database. The changelog coming with this kind of release is from Sony's Japanese site and mentions improvements in system stability. There is also a paragraph about the RC-S380 card reader, which is now added on the supported devices list. To make things clear and PlayStation's 3.50 system software update out … Firmware - PlayStation 3 gets new firmware update … 31/03/2020 · Sony sure hopes so, because they've pushed out a new firmware release for the PlayStation 3. What exactly does this new update bring to the table? Well, not much at all, outwardly. Sony offers the usual message of "This system software update improves the quality of the system performance". It's not stability, but it's close enough. Even in terms of exploits and homebrew, version 4.86 doesn't Sony issues fix for broken PlayStation 3 firmware - …

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